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About the Rainbow

For me, a rainbow is a symbol of grace, hope, renewal, beauty, and promise.
Over the last 5 years I have struggled with infertility and had 5 miscarriages. After my first two miscarriages, God blessed us with a beautiful baby girl, Indie! She is our first rainbow baby and bring us so much joy! She is a beautiful sign of God’s grace and mercy.
I have hope that God will bless our family with another rainbow baby one day, but if not He is still good! We want our family’s story to glorify God and want Him to receive all the honor and praise for all that He does in our lives. We know that it is not our power but His that has gotten us through this difficult season.
I share all of this to remind you of God’s grace and the Hope we have in Him! I hope that every time you look at your rainbow you are reminded of God’s grace and the many ways He has blessed you

Our Story